Birdgang Brand "Not just a brand, but a lifestyle."
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About us


BRIAN K. SCOTT - FOUNDER/CEO (pictured left)

NICKNAME: Buffalo Stille
BIRTHPLACE: Louisville, KY
EDUCATION: Western Kentucky University, Business Mgmt

BIO: Brian 'Buffalo Stille' Scott is a member of the multi-platinum, Grammy nominated hip hop collective Nappy Roots. He was designated to handle merchandise for the Nappy Roots' tours while learning the importance of brand awareness, point of sale marketing, and consumer trends across America. He claims the BIRDGANG BRAND clothing idea came to him in a dream, so with everything coming to fruition, this is literally a dream come true for this die hard UofL fan.

Stille's Motto: Don't guess, find out what the people really want and give it to them..
Not overkill, but Easy kill!

"I've always had a passion for music and fashion! I was blessed to see an opportunity and have talented and loyal people in my corner to help me turn a dream into reality."



NICKNAME: Ron Clutch
BIRTHPLACE: Louisville, KY
EDUCATION: Western Kentucky University, Graphic Arts

BIO: With a background in graphic design, Ron Clutch is no stranger to the aesthetic nature of expression. This background coupled with a music career spanning well over a decade makes for a promising combination that can appeal to the ever evolving sports apparel industry. In addition to an unwavering love for the Louisville cardinals, these attributes are sure to cultivate success.

Clutch's Motto/Quote: "Through out my life I've had more than my share of ups and downs...the moment you accept the fact that this is the nature of life/business is the moment you can truly enjoy the ride"



BIRTHPLACE: Louisville, KY
EDUCATION: University of Louisville / Alabama A&M University, Business Marketing, Management, Personal Selling

BIO: Extremely well versed at diagnosing successful business opportunities that ultimately create win win financial situations for all involved-leaving no stone unturned. Has excelled at creating and maintaining the types of personal and business relationships that make such daunting tasks a seamless process, mainly because of the business integrity he refuses to operate without! Last but not least, A proud father, a lifetime Cards fan, and a former Louisville Male and UofL football standout. Go Cards!

Danny's Motto: "If it can be done? I'll get it done!" If it's 4th and goal, and I say I can make that play? I make that play!"